Map Hotel Theodore Herzl Street Haifa Haifa 63

The hotel is situated 63 Herzl Street (front of the hotel matron station)

Tower Hotel underground parking - Private parking daily fee

The parking lot is located on 64 Haifa striker (direct elevator lobby)

Please remember what floor you parked P1 P2 P3 parking lot 84 parking spaces

The parking lot does not belong to the hotel and responsibility

You can park on weekends blue and white marking around the hotel without a parking sticker starting at 15:00

For those arriving by train - get off at the center recommended eight - there you can reach several bus lines 40,37,12 or Taxi

When coming from Route 6 - Exit the interchange memory, Elyakim junction, Highway 70 intersection Yagur junction glanced away to post directly Heroes Bridge, turn right onto the parking lot striker.

When coming from the coastal road - Maxim - Elijah's Cave, went Avenue protection (Route 4) PC interface Allenby, right moderate Street Salvador, in the square take the first exit, get off Allenby Square second exit turned Sderot Zionism, turn left onto holes, roundabout second exit Hassan Shukri street, turn right onto Baerwald, turn left onto Herzl. If you want to get to the parking lot, past the hotel, turn left onto Sokolb, and immediately left on striker.

When coming from the north - Judas Bypass Road (Route 22) Take exit Paz interchange the direction of citrus oil to shore, bridge heroes, Brazilian striker 64 Street.

Drive slowly, your coming peace bid farewell.